Running helped son deal with father's disease

To deal with the stress of his father’s illness and death, Chris Lempa picked up running. It did more than he hoped for and he now runs to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

Help Lempa's Run to Defeat ALS at the 2015 Chicago Marathon by donating to his campaign.

"#whyirun" is a new digital video series produced & directed by Lawrence locals Andy White and Elliot Johnson. The stories showcase local runners and their reasons to run. Check out the full series at the official webpage:

#whyirun - Chris' Story

#whyirun - Chris' Story by Madi Schulz

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Chris Lempa 3 years ago

Thank you for helping share my story. While the ALS Association is near and dear to me, I would hate to have it overshadow the amazing efforts of Health Care Access. Once I hit my goal of $1,500 I will be turning my attention to raising money for them.

My family was fortunate to have very good health insurance when my Dad was diagnosed with ALS. Organizations such as HCA work day in and day out to provide what I once took for granted - the right to be healthy.

Elliot Johnson 3 years ago

Thank you for the kind words, Chris, and sharing your story. We're lucky to have individuals like you in this community working to make it better.

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