Diabetes: Let's Get Serious

Diabetes is a sneaky gremlin. It is a disease that quiet, yet the damage it can leave is astounding. It is preventable and there are measures one can take to keep the gremlin at bay.

Getting a diagnosis of diabetes is stunning. The idea of changing one’s diet to restrict favorite foods is not on the top of anyone’s to do list. Nor is a new medicine regimen or an exercise schedule necessarily. However, the alternative of damaged nerves, tissues and organs sound less fun.

Physical therapy can play a part of getting the exercise routine kicked off. Maybe a nagging knee pain or stiff shoulder has kept you from getting active; now is the time to address it. Maybe there has already been some numbness in your feet; let’s figure out how to keep moving safely. Maybe there are too many meds on your bathroom counter and you want to try to minimize those; let’s get the blood pumping!

Join our free community presentation on Thursday, November 12 at 7:00 featuring Dr. Steven Dillon of MDVIP (formerly Lawrence Internal Medicine) at TherapyWorks 1311 Wakarusa Drive. He will talk about how to prevent diabetes and the role physical therapy can plan in keeping the disease in check. There will be plenty of time for individual questions. RSVP at 749-1300.

Nikki White, CHES Patient Liaison for TherapyWorks

Dr. Steven Dillon, MDVIP

Dr. Steven Dillon, MDVIP by therapyworks

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