To All Mothers of All Ages

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. It is the time of year when we celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers in our lives. On our end of things at TherapyWorks we are wishing health and wellness to all the mothers out there both young and old. More than just wishing them well we have some tips on staying well. To the Mothers of all ages: • Stretch, it decreases your risk of injuries. Hold stretches for 30 seconds for best results. • Leaking urine does not have to be normal, even if it is just a little bit o Physical Therapy has a strong track record with treating incontinence • Strength training keeps your bones healthy, even if you just use everyday objects as weights • Balance can be lost, but it can also be gained through practice o If you have a fear of falling consult your doctor or come in for a free screen. You do not have to live your life in that fear • Pelvic Pain caused by muscles or fascia can be treated, and often resolved with physical therapy • Please switch hips occasionally when carrying baby • And most importantly: take time for your health. Whether it’s walking, running, swimming, biking, weight lifting, or kayaking keep moving. It is good for your heart, bones, muscles, and so much more.

Join us at our Free Seminar on May 17 at 7pm at TherapyWorks Women's Health: How to Get That ROAR Back! Featuring Dr. Malati Harris of Lawrence Family Medicine & Obstetrics.

--Sarah White-Hamilton, DPT TherapyWorks Facebook Page 1311 Wakarusa Drive Suite 1000 Lawrence, KS 66049

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