Physical Therapy: A Non-drug Option for Chronic Pain

The CDC released guidelines earlier this year to assist with the growing opioid addition crisis. These guidelines include recommendations for physical therapy and other non-drug options for chronic pain management.

“Physical therapists partner with patients, their families, and other health care professionals to manage pain, often reducing or eliminating the need for opioids. Research has shown that a simple education session with a physical therapist can lead to improved function, range of motion, and decreased pain.” (

More appropriate for chronic pain medications:

cancer treatment

end-of-life care

palliative care

Cases where opioid use could be reduced or avoided:


low back pain

hip pain

knee osteoarthritis

pain lasting more than 90 days

Ask your provider if physical therapy could be right for you. TherapyWorks offers a free consultation to assess your situation and advise if physical therapy can assist you with your health goals. And as a direct-access state, you can also begin physical therapy without a prescription.

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