Why do my feet hurt?

Thank you to everyone who attended the event at TherapyWorks last week and a big thank you to Dr. Waterman from OrthoKansas for presenting! There were 48 people in attendance, and we all learned a lot about common causes of foot pain, how to prevent it, footwear suggestions, non-surgical options and more.

If you were unable to attend, here's a very quick recap. There are tons of things that may be causing your foot pain. First, give a good history to your doctor - location, injury, symptoms, what makes the pain worse, and what helps alleviate pain. From here, your doctor will examine your feet, gait, alignment, strength, range of motion and more. Your diagnosis may require x-rays, MRI or other labs and studies. Treating conservatively can be the first step toward pain-free feet. Shoe modifications may be all you need! Other treatments could be an oral or topical medication, ice and rest, physical therapy or in some cases a surgical procedure.

Thank you to Christina Zeigler DPT at TherapyWorks for providing some physical therapy remedies for common foot pain. If you think you may benefit from PT, give us a call; we can give you a free consultation to see if physical therapy could help you alleviate the pain in your feet.


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