Free Talk on Successful Weight Management


Hear from Dr. Malati Harris, Lawrence Family Medicine & Obstetrics, and Anthony Roberson, PTA about tips for losing those extra pounds and keeping them off permanently! Both are busy working parents who will share their successes in fitting in physical activity into their daily routines. Thursday, May 14 at 7:00 ...

Spinning Ride a Success

Madi Schulz

Lawrence, Kansas – March 23rd, 2015 - [Free State Ride][1] & [Body Boutique's][2] first ever Spinning Ride for Charity was a success by both promoting women's heart health and raising $1,350.00 for [Health Care Access][3]. The participants donated a base amount to participate in a 90 minute workout led by ...

Runners: Be prepared for race season


With racing season quickly approaching, it is important for all runners and walkers to be prepared. To best prepare for the season, it is important to avoid injury as you eagerly begin signing up for races. Some excellent ways to avoid injury prior to hitting the pavement and trails is ...

Spinning Ride Promoting Women's Heart Health

Madi Schulz Lawrence, Kansas – February 18th, 2015 - [Body Boutique][1] will be hosting a [spinning ride][2] (indoor cycling) event that promotes women's heart health on Saturday, February 28th from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The event will take place at a brand new spinning facility, [Free State Ride][3], located at ...

Running Injuries - What You Need To Know


The race season is almost upon us! For seasoned runners and newcomers alike now is the time to prepare for the 5K’s and beyond. With the ups and downs of Kansas weather you can almost smell spring in the air. In preparation for hitting the running trails we at TherapyWorks ...

Free Talk on Back Pain


Our Helping You Help Yourself topic this month is back pain, featuring special guest Jeff Glasgow, CRNA of Advanced Specialty Anesthesia and our PT, Sarah Hammons. It will be Wednesday, September 17 at 7:00 at TherapyWorks 1311 Wakarusa Drive. Plenty of time for your individual questions. For more details see ... petition to stop smoking on mass

Mike DuPont

we have started a petition to ask the city to ban smoking on mass street, see [Website][1]. If we are lucky they will enforce at least the 10 foor rule of smoking near doors, windows and air vents. [1]:

Kansas Half Marathon & 5k Training Program

Madi Schulz

Lawrence, Kansas – June 9, 2014 - [Health Care Access Clinic][1]’s annual [Kansas Half Marathon][2] has announced its training partner for the November 2nd benefit event: [RunWalkLawrence][3]. RunWalkLawrence is an official Jeff Galloway training program based in Lawrence and managed by J. Jenkins. “Galloway programs yield more results on less ...

World Malaria Day 2014

Lawrence Morgan **Malaria is still prevalent in many parts of the world** Malaria is still prevalent, especially in Africa. For World Malaria Day this year (celebrated around April 25 through this week, depending on the country), it is important to create an original song, so that people can remember malaria and ...

Bone Matters: Free Seminar on Osteoporosis


Helping You Help Yourself Monthly Series Tuesday, May 20 at 7:00pm Dr. Joan Brunfeldt of Reed Medical and Libby Alvarez, DPT of TherapyWorks will share information on osteoporosis. What you can do to lead a safe and active lifestyle following this diagnosis and prevent fractures. Free seminar - no reservation ...

Free Runner's Clinic


**Join us for our popular Runner's Clinic on Saturday, April 12 anytime between 9:00 - noon.** **- video gait analysis - physician consultation - orthotic information - free chair massages and - refreshments!** **1311 Wakarusa Drive** [More detail on our Facebook Event][1] [1]: @therapyworksks on Twitter

Ready, Set, Run! (or walk)


Join our free seminar about starting a running (or walking) program, and preventing & correcting possible injuries. Special guests: Dr. Luis Salazar, a local sports medicine physician, and our Physical Therapist, Audrey Welch. Tuesday, March 25 7:00 p.m. @ TherapyWorks - 1311 Wakarusa Drive For more information about this monthly ...

LAWRENCE DEATH CAFE - Saturday, April 19th - 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Constance Whiston

Registration for the Saturday, April 19th, LAWRENCE DEATH CAFE is now underway. We have a much larger room with over 25 chairs in a very popular location. The Education & Outreach representative has asked me to keep the location private so she/the location do not have to answer telephone calls. ...

Participate in our Community Needs Assessment

Kristine Chapman

Headquarters Counseling Center is committed to providing support to our community. Please tell us what you think about our agency so that we can better assist those in need.

Heart Your Heart


Dr. Michael Zabel of Cardiovascular Specialists of Lawrence, will present the latest information for Heart Healthy Month. Also presenting will be TherapyWorks PTA, Preston Morris. Monday, February 17 at 7:00pm at 1311 Wakarusa - Lawrence This is a free Helping You Help Yourself seminar, presented by TherapyWorks. [For more information ...

LMH's second annual Arctic Blast benefits cancer survivors


By Cameron Crane Chilling out with your community and your friends for a real cool cause! Is it cool enough for you? Lawrence Memorial Hospital will host the second annual Arctic Blast February 1st at 6 pm at Abe & Jake’s Landing, featuring delicious food and fun, unique entertainment. The ...

Looking to lose wieght? Would you like to be compinsated while doing so?


**We are looking for adults (ages 21-55) who are currently not participating in a regular exercise program and are interested in starting a weight loss and physical activity program.** This study is a 3 month reduced energy diet and aerobic exercise 5 days per week, followed by 12 months weight ...

Helping You Help Yourself - New Year, Achievable Goals!


**Save the Date for this Free Educational Seminar:** Monday, January 27 @ 7:00-8:00pm at 1311 Wakarusa Dr. Listen to guest speakers Dr. Karen Evans and Cindy Johnson, MSPT talk about: - How fitness & nutrition influence your health - Tips for goal setting - Resources for success Contact us with ...

Great X-mas gifts


The Michael J. Fox Foundation offers a variety of trendy apparel and accessories that would be great X-mas gifts. $.89 of every $1 spent goes directly towards Parkinson's research. It's not too late to promote health by shopping Fox for the Holiday! [1]:

Giving Tuesday... What will you give?

Megan Poindexter

TODAY IS GIVING TUESDAY! Below is my post about it from last week. Today is the day! Make it fun! Make it meaningful! Just make it happen!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx There is a new holiday in town! Have you heard? And **Trinity In-Home Care** is participating! Next **Tuesday, Dec. 3**, is ***Giving ...

WorkWell Lawrence Update

Haley Harrington

What a busy time for the WorkWell team! WorkWell held their monthly meeting yesterday, where members discussed continuing efforts to improve health in the workplace. WorkWell was also a part of yesterday's [Schmooza Palooza][1], held at the Oread Hotel, and there was a great turnout! The next WorkWell meeting will ...

VNA Hosts Educational Program for Veteran Caretakers

Lori McSorley

Visiting Nurses is hosting a teleconference, Thursday, November 14th from 1-4:30 at Visiting Nurses, 200 Maine Street, Lawrence, KS (3rd Floor). Three CEU's will be available, and registration for CEU's will take place from 12:30-1. The conference will cover many issues that veterans face when faced with an illness or ...

Diabetes? Not So Sweet!


November is Diabetes Awareness Month and for our Helping You Help Yourself seminar, Dr. Eric Huerter, of Reed Medical Group will present clinical information about diabetes. Nikki White, CHES will add educational information and add how physical therapy can help prevent complications from the disease. Wednesday, November 20, 2013 7-8:00 ...

The Contented Brain and Brainwave Optimization


Learn about a non-invasive new technology that is helping Kansas children and adults reduce or eliminate medications while decreasing or eliminating symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more. Research shows its dramatic effects on PTSD, sleep disorders, and more. Join us at a FREE seminar, "Why It's So Hard to ...

Grief Camp for Children and Teens Offers Unconventional Coping Methods

Lori McSorley

Three local organizations are teaming up to fill a need in the Douglas County community. On Sunday, November 10th from 1-5pm, Keepsake Day will commence at Midland Care Center. Visiting Nurses Hospice, Midland Care and Rumsey Yost Funeral Home have come together to offer a grief day-camp for children, teens ...

Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?


Why do we keep feeling and behaving the way we do in spite of all that we try to do to change? Join us at a FREE seminar, "Why It's So Hard to Change," October 24, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center and learn a compassionate non-judgmental view of ...

Right thoughts; Right words; Right actions

Megan Poindexter

I spent last week at the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita, KS attending a conference with my fellow Kansans, learning skills which I intend to use in my work at Trinity In-Home Care, as well as in other aspects of my life. It was a great experience; one which will ...

Why It's So Hard To Change


Why do we keep feeling and behaving the way we do in spite of all that we try to do to change? Join us at a **FREE seminar** October 24, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center and learn a compassionate non-judgmental view of our emotional and behavioral struggles that ...

Back Pain? We've Got Your Back!


Join us for a free seminar to learn more about how to treat and prevent back pain, an ailment that affects 80% of Americans. Tuesday, October 29 from 7-8:00pm At TherapyWorks - 1311 Wakarusa Drive More information at

Walk Your Child to School Day - October 9

Belinda Rehmer

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