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2017 - Maybe Time For A New Approach to your Health Goals

Resolutions come and go, but changing up your health team may be a game changer. We've all heard about alternatives to Western medicine, but it's difficult to know exactly what route to explore. Integrative Medicine is "healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies" according to the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

TherapyWorks invites you to learn more about Integrative and Functional Medicine on Thursday, January 19 at 7:00 p.m. Dr. Neela Sandal and Dr. Stephen Stevenson of Atma Clinic will share information about their new practice in downtown Lawrence and how it may help you meet new health goals. Items discussed will include their specialized lab services, unique nutritional analysis, the importance of the gut biome, and genetic factors. TherapyWorks PTA, Lee Tucker, will share how a physical therapy prescribed exercise program compliments directives from your doctor or mid-level provider.

This is a free Helping You Help Yourself Seminar open to the public. Contact TherapyWorks at 785-749-1300 or for more information - RSVP is requested.


Physical Therapy Can Fix THAT?

I did not grow up wanting to be a physical therapist. When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a doctor, nurse, dentist, or veterinarian, depending on which day you asked me. I only found and fell in love with physical therapy after tearing my ACL in high school soccer. Since my injury, and full recovery thanks to physical therapy, I have been deeply passionate about the field of physical therapy.

When I was going into physical therapy school I did not have a full understanding of what physical therapists could do. My limited understanding was that I would be able to help people walk, run, and return to their lives by becoming a physical therapist. The first revelation I had in physical therapy school was that PT’s treat wounds. While most of us do not treat wounds there are many PT’s who do. After getting out into more physical therapy clinics I was shocked to find PT’s effectively treating headaches, TMJ, vertigo, urinary leaks, fecal incontinence, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, along with all the “normal” things I knew PT’s could treat: knee pain, back pain, ankle sprain, etc.

Now that I am out in the clinic as a physical therapist I consider it my great privilege to help people meet their goals, and I consider it my mission to get the word out about how physical therapy can help give people their lives back. Whether you are having leaks when you laugh, your little one has torticollis, you or a loved one are having falls, or you have back, neck, shoulder, hip, headaches, ankle, or foot pain know that there are physical therapists out there who can help.

If you have ever wondered if physical therapy could specifically help you TherapyWorks is having a free seminar in honor of National Physical Therapy Month on Wednesday, October 26 at 7:00pm.

--Sarah White-Hamilton, DPT of TherapyWorks