Growing in Difficult Conditions by Hayley Luna, Student Gardener

“It’s hot outside!” “What a scorcher!” “When will this heat wave end?!” I’m sure all of you readers out there have heard one of these statements in the last couple of months! There is no denying that this summer is a record breaking season which makes gardening a rather difficult task. This growing season, we have had little rain, constant sun, and temperatures over 100 ° which aren’t the ideal growing conditions. On top of the sweltering heat and little rainfall comes another common enemy to our delectable vegetables - weeds. These guys have been surviving just fine! Why you ask? Well, they are rough, tough, and ready to tango when this weather occurs. Despite these factors against the gardens this growing season, we have been doing a spectacular job of fighting the good fight against drought and weeds.

These challenges have been tough but also have been a great learning experience for everyone involved with the project, especially us student gardeners. With seven dedicated gardeners, water filled hoses, and trowels on our side we have been battling the elements in order to provide our CSA subscribers with some of the most delicious produce they will ever consume.

From all of us smiling and slightly sun burned gardeners, we say thank you for supporting us, so that we may continue to garden even through the harshest of conditions!

Hayley Luna is a Growing Food, Growing Health Student Gardener in her second year. This article was originally published for our weekly newesletter to our CSA subscribers.


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