Senior care centers work...for all the adults

Another in a great list of blogs from The New York Times' "New Old Age" blog is this one by Paula Span -- Adult Day Programs: A Reprieve for Families and the Elderly -- about senior care centers. Studies have shown that they work well for the care-givers.

“It gives me peace of mind,” said one woman whose 85-year-old mother with Parkinson’s disease goes to Senior Care three days a week. Adult day programs, the research shows, reduces caregivers’ stress. They also suffer less depression and anger, and report greater overall well-being. (Some key findings from researchers at Penn State are here [pdf].)

What’s been less clear is what adult day services do for the people who attend. A team at the University of California, San Francisco, Institute on Aging, which took the somewhat novel approach of asking the participants themselves, recently published a study in The Gerontologist showing significant benefits. “Their quality of life improved dramatically,” said the lead researcher, Eva Schmitt, now associate director of the Aging Brain Center at Hebrew SeniorLife in greater Boston.

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