Aging With Grace: Drug-free Options for Aches & Pains

Everyone has a twinge from time-to-time. Maybe we forgot to lift that box using our legs and wretched our back. Maybe we slept in a funny position and now our neck is super tight. Or maybe we got back to the yard work and the knee rebelled. There are some alternatives to those drugs we may be used to grabbing as a quick fix.

Join us for a free seminar hosted by Dr. Margaret Estrin of Women's Healthcare Group on Wednesday, March 23 at 7:00 at TherapyWorks to hear her tips and tricks to dealing with sore muscles both for immediate relief as well as for long term prevention. She advises on many primary care issues in her practice and she is also a yoga instructor. Amy Hileman, PTA of TherapyWorks will join her in sharing physical therapy information at the presentation as well.

TherapyWorks is located at 1311 Wakarusa Drive Suite 1000. Call 749-1300 for more information or visit their Facebook event page.

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