Exercise Can Be Fun!

I only started "running" two years ago. I say "running" because try as I may, runners would not consider what I do running. I either settle into a wog (walk/jog combo) pace or I run for a couple minutes and then walk, then run again, then walk again, on and on. Eventually I cross the finish line. I like to say my plan is to start slow then taper off. I don't particularly enjoy "running" but find that even tired, sweaty and out of breath when I finish that I feel really good, actually I feel great!

My sister-in-law and my desire to participate in a triathlon are what inspired me to try to run. She has been very supportive as are many of my family members. We participate in some of the same races and they are always there at the finish line cheering me on. Yes, I am always last in our group, but that's okay. I'm still faster than the person on the couch!

I have found that I am addicted to the carnival atmosphere of the races. Where else can you go at 6:00 in the morning and listen to loud, upbeat music with hundreds sometimes thousands of people?

My youngest brother has never run but recently my sister-in-law found a race he said he would do with us. The Martini Mile Relay for the Ozanam Guild. This race begins at Martini Corner which is a small bar district on Union Hill in Kansas City. You participate in teams of four with each person running one mile for a total of four miles. My brother thought one mile, no problem. First the run is at 4:00 in the afternoon in June (it was 93 degrees and humid), second, Union Hill, yes, hill. Third it was also a costume contest! My sister-in-law made costumes for us, Fred & Wilma Flintstone and Barney & Betty Rubble. My fur dress and red wig were very warm but I got lots of cheers as I "ran" my mile. It was fun but the best part was we actually got my brother to participate. He did great and had fun.

Also, recently I agreed to participate in the Heritage Park Duathlon. My first duathlon (run, bike, run). Still not sure what I was thinking "running" twice! I not only did it but I did it wearing a pink tutu and tiara! Several friends donated money to LIVESTRONG to see me race in this lovely outfit. It was Mother's Day. I dragged my Mom out of bed bright and early and wore a sign on my back that said "Yes, I am slow and my Mother dresses me funny but I am raising money and awareness for LIVESTRONG" I was one of the last to finish the duathlon but I had fun, I had everyone cheering on "tutu girl" and my Mom and many of my friends were at the finish line cheering me on.

Exercise can be fun. You don't have to be competitive, look for events that are advertised as "fun run" or "run/walk". Halloween races are great fun, the All Star Game 5K and 1 mile Fun Run are coming up July 8th. Yes, there will always be the competitive runners there, but get out, have some fun and just "run" your race. Remember, no matter how slow you go you are still faster than the person on the couch!


Marilyn Hull 6 years, 3 months ago

Love it, Michelle!

The caveman or "Paleo" theory of running fits perfectly with your Flinstones outfit and approach. Experts say that cave people didn't run at the same pace for long periods. They sprinted to catch prey or avoid predators. The rest of the time, they probably walked.

If you are like me, your sprint is another person's slow jog.

I say embrace your Paleo running style and be proud that you are following in the footsteps of your Paleo ancestors.

LilySiebert 6 years, 3 months ago

A DUAthalon, that's something I can get my mind around! I have been thinking about triathalons, but something about the swimming-to-biking transition does NOT appeal to me.

I agree, exercise can definitely be fun and only gets more and more as you build up strength and endurance!

Aynsley Anderson 6 years, 3 months ago

Looks like a lot of fun, Michelle! You are such an inspiration and so good at encouraging others.

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