Wellness Businesses with Helpful Information and Resources

Wellness Councils of America - www.welcoa.org

Lots of information on workplace wellness. Some is a little technical and promotional for their services. Downloadable Powerpoint presentations on a variety of wellness topics. Also has downloadable incentive campagins. Many of the resources are free. You can subscribe for a weekly e-mail news update.

Health Enhancement Systems - www.healthenhancementsystems.com

Great workplace program ideas and activities (i.e. Turkey Trot, Get Fit on Route 66). Most have a fee (although usually fairly reasonable) to access the information but that usually includes handout material and some incentives. They often have discontinued incentive items on sale from their website (i.e. pedometers). You can download the catalog. Fees are cheaper for programs if you subscribe to their journal: Health Promotion Practitioner.

American Institute of Preventative Medicine - www.healthylife.com

If you purchase any products or programs from this organization, they are usually very good. You can request a catalog from their website. They also have actual corporate wellness services and consultations available.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Wellcare - Sponsored by the LMH Business Health Center

Employee drug screens and other occupational health services including nurse practitioner services, onsite health fairs and screening and wellness presentations. Contact Greg Windholz (Director) at greg.windholz@lmh.org or (785) 505-3120.

List courtesy of Aynsley Anderson, community education coordinator for Lawrence Memorial Hospital

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