Journal-World seeking subjects for Obamacare series

The Journal-World wants to help our readers understand how the Affordable Care Act, which will be fully enacted early next year, affects them.

To do that, we need people who are willing to talk about how they are affected by the new health care program. We want to profile a wide range of people: from the single college student to the family of four to the elderly couple; from the individual who is unable to purchase insurance to someone who is perfectly content with their health care; from the small-business owner to a person who operates a large company. We believe that telling the stories of people in the community is the best way to inform our readers about this complex law.

If you are interested sharing your health care experiences with the Journal-World over the coming months, please contact reporter Giles Bruce at or (785) 832-7233. If you know anyone with a particularly gripping story, tell them to get in touch with us.


Charles McPheeters 4 years, 10 months ago

Can not share an experience that has not occurred. Will be more than one year to learn the ongoing results. Expectations and projections will be very different than final experience. Some features will be good and some will be not so good. Afforeable care? Depends on the persons income.

overthemoon 4 years, 10 months ago

When people in Kansas realize how badly we have been screwed by the Brownback administration by their refusal to implement the ACA, perhaps we will see a shift back to the center and will vote Sam & co. out of office. Those that 'hate it' do not understand it.

Michael Pinegar 4 years, 10 months ago

Those who understand the ACA, Know that it's neither affordable or Qualitymcare. Increases part time work, and does it on the back of young people. Why are so many wanting to opt out? Some wont be able to keep their Doctor as promised. Etc.etc. It's bad for the economy, it's bad period. Just let insurance companies compete across state lines. Like auto ins. And No More Obamaphones!

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