Community leaders were responsible for narrowing a list of health priorities. Which of the following would you have eliminated from the list?

Lack of physical activity. 52% 137 votes

Insufficient access to health care and other services. 1% 4 votes

Alcohol abuse. 9% 26 votes

Mental health. 3% 8 votes

Access to affordable healthy foods 18% 47 votes

Poverty/too few job opportunities 12% 32 votes

Dental care. 2% 7 votes

261 total votes


Kate Rogge 1 year, 10 months ago

They should have kept dental care. Where on earth do they think those without health insurance or a job can go for dental care without community assistance? Exercise? When you're in pain, you think exercise trumps seeing a dentist?


mikekt 1 year, 10 months ago

Well, so far, at this point in time, lack of exercise got the most points towards removal from this list ( with 83 votes ).

Access to affordable health care & other services ( that is a vaguely worded item ( or understood meaning ), as access to affordable health care could actually mean physical, mental, dental, etc & other services is kind of open ended as well, as to it's interpretation ) got the least votes for removal ( only 4 votes to remove from the list of 6 ), followed by mental health & dental health care, which are currently tied for 2nd place, at this time of commenting, with the second least votes for removal from the Health Departments list of 6 l ( with only 7 votes each ).


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