Lawrence Memorial Hospital is considering opening a wellness center. Would you use such a center?

Yes. 53% 85 votes

No. 26% 43 votes

Unsure. 20% 32 votes

160 total votes


ShePrecedes 1 year, 10 months ago

Can we weed out all the medical propaganda from this paper and the local hospital and get some real news about our health and maintaining it? Can we add complementary medicine and some alternative medicines to the wellness center as well?

Then I would participate.

Today we find that Benicar CAUSES severe GI side effects. Is this type of thing going to be up-front at the wellness center? Will information from clients reporting this type of thing for ALL Rx drugs be gathered by the wellness center and then further reported to government agencies that matter? I rather doubt it, but I would indeed love to see it.

Will the wellness center be client-centered, rather than medical commerce-centered?


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