Do you support federal health reform?

Yes. 69% 218 votes

No. 28% 89 votes

Unsure. 2% 7 votes

314 total votes


Fred Whitehead Jr. 5 years ago

Interessting!! Where are all the Obama haters? This poll surely cannot be accurate, Obama care is the spawn of the devil and every GOP candidate worth his tusks has firmly pleged to "repeal Obama care".

DRsmith 5 years ago

My guess is there aren't many Obama haters living in LWC. Just a wild guess though.

Michael Pinegar 5 years ago

Every doctor, nurse,dentist and business owner I have spoken with all are against Obamacare.

1southernjayhawk 5 years ago

For the record, I hate to see what the USA is going to look like if we have 4 more years of Obama. And I support complete reform of everything the federal government touches, from top to bottom, with the possible exception of the Navy Seals and Army Rangers, especially and formost Obamacare.

DogBreath 5 years ago

The question was "Do you support federal health reform?" Not do you support Obama Care. Those are two diffrent questions.

C.D. Henning 5 years ago

"Obamacare" was designed in Congress and is actually Nixon, Dole, Romneycare.

John Hamm 5 years ago

Hey folks! "Federal Health Reform" is Obama's!

Fred Whitehead Jr. 5 years ago

Yeah, and President Santorum is going to make it illegal to read the lables on medicine bottles that might possibly, by some unfelievable stretch of the facist mentailty, could possibly be a birth control medicine.

Michael Pinegar 5 years ago

Birth control is great. Pay for it yourself,or go around the corner to planned parenthood.

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