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Ballard Center potluck features local and fresh foods for families

It was a lot of fun! Great job engaging families at Ballard!

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Youth Enjoy New Opportunities at Summer Camp

Looks like a blast! :)

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Families Engage in Farm to Preschool One Bite at a Time

Yes! We have to get rid of the idea that there is "kid-friendly food" and that it has to be chicken nuggets and fries. We don't always realize our own food bias that we might be passing along to the kiddos.

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Community Health Plan gives LiveWell Lawrence new momentum in increasing access to healthy foods, physical activity

This is an exciting collaboration that we're glad to be a part of. We hope to see new faces at the table who can contribute to the plan. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of the coordination!

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Stuffed and Starved, part 8: Just For the Health of It

Are you guys still hoping to install a garden at some point? We'd LOVE to help get that going and work with the families on developing growing skills and providing more fresh produce for Just Food. I know there would be lots of community members who would be excited to partner on that. Keep us posted!

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Stuffed and Starved, part 1: "We Don't Have Hungry People in Lawrence, Because Everyone's Too Fat"

Well said! We agree that starting in the formative years is crucial. Thanks for doing what you do!

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DCCDA earns $77,500 to continue Families, Farmers and Educators United

Emily Hampton, coordinator of the FFEU program, took the picture. We do not release the names of children, but yes, it is at a child care home in Lawrence.

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DCCDA earns $77,500 to continue Families, Farmers and Educators United

Thanks again, everyone. I know what you mean, Marilyn. I can't help but smile every time I see this guy's face! He really knew how to work the camera ;)

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DCCDA earns $77,500 to continue Families, Farmers and Educators United

Yes, we are looking forward to following up on the policy development. So far, we've had several centers commit to including components of the FFEU program in their parent handbooks, and two had already done so. One center has also added a policy committing to the use of a health education curriculum. We'll keep you all posted as these evolve!

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Just Food: Starting Over in 2013

Bravo for being willing to change your strategy to address the roots of your clients' needs! Please let us know how we can be of assistance over the next year!

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