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Lobbying prohibition aimed at Centers for Independent Living

Well, it's pretty obvious . . . these organisms are feeding off the goobermint, and so they shouldn't use goobermint money to lobby for money!

Whenever I see a "non-profit" organism, I know it's a scam. Usually the only people making a profit are the executive directors and other high mucky-tee-mucks, who have a throttle-hold on the necks of the boards of these organisms. The boards are nothing but a bunch of ordinary people who got roped into serving on the board under the mistaken impression that they are helping people, and they do the executive directors' bidding because they are too lazy to really figure out what's going on.

Take Archie Dykes, for example. He was appointed to the board of directors of Westar (or whatever it was called at the time). While he was on the board, that scumbag who lives in the old Landon mansion took trips to Europe and raped the company. Wittig. Did dirty deals with his banker buddy.

Let's start treating all organisms the same. Doesn't matter whether you are non-profit or profit. You pay your way. No "inside deals." No special tax-free favors.

Yes, that means the girl scouts have to start paying taxes on their cookies. It's about time!


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Rolling Along: Not-so-obscene finger gestures

When I make a boo-boo, I tap my open palm against the side of my head, as if to say "Wake up, stupid; wake up!"

Here's another tip. When I get frustrated with a driver in front of me, I always try to imagine that it's my elderly mother in the car. Would I want some clown honking at her simply because she doesn't turn right on red, or because she doesn't see the green arrow? No.

So, be polite!

Be kind.



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Nursing home administrators pan abuse hotline

Hmm. Whatever happened to KAPS' attempt to take over APS? What a crock that was! Talk about the blind leading the blind!

One case doesn't make a trend. One isolated incident doesn't denigrate the entire body of work that the APS workers throughout the state perform.

I strongly advocate for more funding for APS. Legislators, call in some veteran APS workers and see what they do. Ask them what laws limit them and how you (legislators) can help them in their mission.



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