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12.2 million sign up for Obamacare despite its challenges

Republicans: We are going to replace the Affordable Care Act (known by it's racist moniker "Obamacare") with something "better".

As yet........nothing.........usual for Republicans.

It well be better.........yeah!!........fat chance!!

The simple truth that is never discussed is the cost. And the cost is controlled by the drug companies, health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, and so forth) and health care providers.
In order to make it "more affordable, well, you have to control what these folks and institutions CHARGE !! (In real hard dollars and cents)

Ain't gonna happen. These folks have us by the short and curlies and are not going to relinquish their corner on the market just because some fascist Republicans keep bellowing that they are going to make things "more affordable" and "more accessible"

They bellow and gripe about the cost. what were you paying (if you COULD EVEN GET INSURANCE).........before???

This political football has been tossed around for years now, but no one, and I mean NO ONE had come up with the idea that "Obamacare" is really a pretty good deal, far better than it was before. But petulant and foolish Republicans will keep harping and gagging on this fact, and will not ever come up with anything that is "batter and cheaper"


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Kansas lawmakers to consider marijuana, medical hemp bills

To me, it is incredible and damaging to put people in jail for having a stupid weed in their possession. How many other more damaging and dangerous practices among the population are mostly ignored?????

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Donald Trump's Obamacare replacement plan 'still something of a mystery'

This news rag continually goes on about doing only "local news".

What is this crap about Trump doing here??

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WorkWell Kansas to recognize healthy worksite environments

How about recognizing toxic working conditions caused by racists working nearby who actively converse with racist slurs against the President of the United States in their blathering?? (NOT my current job environment)

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50,000 Kansans sign up for insurance in federal exchange

Hang on a second, now, aren't all the fascist GOP guys clamoring to defeat and defund the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare to the racist haters of the currently lawfully elected President of the United States of America)???

So why are the residents of Kochland rushing to sign up for a health care plan that is being roundly opposed by the Republican representatives that are so devoted to destroying this law that has provided affordable health insurance coverage to all non-haters of the President??

What gives here???? Anyone?????

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Let loose: Give holiday stress the boot with relaxation, diet, exercise and sleep

"Avoiding the stress in the first place can help make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable. " Duuuuhhhhh!

What used to be a religious celebration of the birth of Christ has become a commercial orgy beginning in the weeks way before Thanksgiving.

Buy, buy, buy!!! BS!

!Some of us seem to forget this, and have made spending themselves into oblivion a yearly event.

Frankly, I do not do this choosing instead to enjoy the time off work with things I have arranged to do (calmly, without stress or concern of any kind) and trying to see the original intent of the religious holiday through all the blather and foolishness that the "holidays" have wrought.

And to you I say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" in the spirit it was originally intended and trash this crap of "Happy Holidays" that is intended to mute the religious origins of the celebration of Christmas.

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Double Take: Middle schooler wants to explore new relationship

Yeah me too. But back when I was in Junior High (we used to call it that) I had a lot of crushes on various female student companions. It was usually a mixture of the newly noticed attraction of attention of the opposite gender and the emerging sexual curiosity.
To make it simple, it was NOT a simple thing to deal with, since WE were in school and school work was still pretty important at that time.

But today's youngsters face a far different world what with the blasting of sexual entertainment available to them on TV and the internet. And youngsters today that dress in provocative clothing (Where are the parents??) . We could not even wear shorts to school, you would be hauled out of class and told to "go home and put on some appropriate clothes"

Buuuuut.......Yeah......I am an old fogey. Back then homosexual relationships were illegal.
"Queers" were the butt of endless disgusting jokes. Bottom line. I do not really know what to make of this. These middle school relationships are problematic and difficult to deal with.
But the main theme should be self respect, respect for others, and above all, not doing damage to others by your behavior. Kinda of a lot to think about, ehhhh??

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Seniors who keep working are healthier, study says

I could not agree more!! I was booted out of my former job at about 66 years old, but this was nothing new, poor business conditions have caused numerous lay-offs in the past.

But I have had a new job for about 5 years now and at age 71, I really feel great and life continues to be fine with me. I really enjoy being useful and engaged at my "advanced" age.

If you keep moving in mind and body, keep involved with life and activity, I am certain that you will have a better and longer life than those that become couch potatoes and rocking chair users. I do have a rocking chair, but the cats are using is more than me.

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Study shows value of knee replacement surgery, other options

"It's one of the great operations of the 20th century," yet good evidence of its effectiveness has been lacking, said Dr. Jeffrey Katz, a joint specialist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

I had both my knees done about 4 years ago. If I had not, I could not walk by now. I tried all those other things mentioned, but none were effective. I know that there were risks, but for me it has worked out well. I exercise 40 minutes a night on my riding machine and seem to have no ill effects. Simple walking and going up and down stairs are as easy as they used to be. I would recommend considering this operation if you want to recover your ability to walk and move around like you used to do.

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CarFit program helps older drivers stay behind the wheel safely

Wait a minute!! hold up here!! This is not right!! This city is trying to get grandma OUT of her car and on to a bicycle!! This does not square with the city's war on cars! What is this helpful article doing in the newsrag of "Complete street" Lawrence"????

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