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Pictorial View of Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market

kernal, I wasn't saying this was a bad blog. I just was curious if anyone could start a blog on this site and then have it show up on the LJW main site's listing of "Latest" news that is listed down the left side of the page. Seems like a great way to get some free promotion of your events as long as it fits into the theme of the website.

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Pictorial View of Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market

I am curious as to what it seems like there is regular articles about the Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market. I see that one of the Cottin's is the author, but it seems so self-serving that this is less news and more just advertising. That is fine if anyone can do it, but I wanted to check to see if that was the case cause I know a lot of companies that would then start a "blog" to promote their activities and have them show up on the main LJW website news list.

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Lawrence earns national recognition as 'Runner Friendly Community'

Is there anywhere that shows all 35 miles of running trails and paths? I would like to be able to use it when planning longer runs.

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My first half marathon

I couldn't find anything in the paper after the race either. Also, I heard that there was a problem with the 10K race and that some or even all ended up running less than a 10K because of a route error. Any info on that??

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Hilltop Hustle to raise funding to help provide child care for low-income families

Best race out there! It goes right through KU's campus which makes it a really great sight-seeing run. Really cheap too!

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Seven cases of whooping cough reported in Lawrence day cares

I have zero real knowledge about the safety of vaccinations and so I just tend to rely on what I see. And from this simple vantage point it seems that there were these diseases that used to kill a whole lot of people, then we came up with vaccinations to combat them and we had a whole lot less people dying. To me, that would indicate that these things work because people aren't dying from the illnesses anymore and that is a good thing.
And does that mean there is zero risk? Probably not, but there isn't much of anything in life; it is sort of part of the deal in being alive. So if you were to ask me if I was willing to take the small risk of some bad reaction to a vaccine versus the higher risk of people not doing that and bring back these widespread diseases, I will choose the smaller risk of the vaccine.

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Five new school gardens to sprout in 2011

How about coming up with a complete list of schools that do this? I know Hilltop Child Development Center on KU's campus has one and they sell their produce in the Spring and Summer.

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