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LMH breastfeeding support group gets babies, moms, dads off to a solid start

Thanks for the information, Jane! I'll put a resources file together and post it on in the Wellness section of WellCommons.

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How diet soda causes weight gain

I am SO glad that diet sodas are mostly out of my diet (except when I eat Mexican food....which is about once every month or two). Guess it's time to get some litmus strips to see if I'm overdoing tea.

Thanks for posting this, Ali. Very interesting.

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LMH breastfeeding support group gets babies, moms, dads off to a solid start

Oops! Sorry. Here it is --

And I embedded it in the main post, too.

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What do kids really hear from their parents after a game?

This is really interesting. I checked out blog, and found Janis' good advice on what not to say.

I know you've got kids who play sports. Do you have some ideas about what TO say?

Does anyone out there have any ideas about what to say....once the 24 hours have passed, that is.

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Book detailing the costs of concussions on young athletes coming out next year

Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.

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Reading a menu will never be the same

Hilarious photo, Trish! You're right...only in Texas. I'm embarking on a cross-country trip soon, and you've inspired me to take photos of food along the way. You've also inspired me to pack almond butter and jelly sandwiches.

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You can save a life.

Thanks for this information and the compelling story, Ron. Your friend was very lucky to have you find him!

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You can save a life.

Very important and useful information. Thanks for posting this, Lauren.

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Mental health group has concerns about state funding

Thanks for pointing out that we didn't have the link. It's in the post now, and here --

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Mental Health First Aid local response to nationwide mental health crisis

Thanks for pointing out that terrific, and very sad, article in the New York Times, Cindy. Having the knowledge that the mental health first aid course provides eases the fear that many people have about helping those with mental illness.

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