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Parenting: You're doing it wrong

We never had cabinet or drawer protectors. I never even owned a baby gate to protect from the stairs. We did install the permanent outlet protectors but later I wish we hadn't. My girls fell down the stairs a few times. And I randomly feed them lunch at different times just because I am bad with schedules. Glad to hear this will toughen them for later in life!

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5 Things a New Mom REALLY Wants

I wanted chocolate and those trashy magazines you buy at the checkout line. I had no idea how much time I would spend waiting for a little body to eat. And a nice water bottle, something that keeps water cold without leaking. Breastfeeding was already challenging and then I was thirsty.

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No hugging

I have a sometimes shy preschooler. She can at times back away from physical contact from friends and family. If I allow my child to make her own choices she usually allows contact eventually. It is my opinion that children can be misunderstood.

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LiveWell Lawrence recognizes school bond goes beyond classrooms

Thank you for highlighting the health aspects of the bond. These schools need better facilities to enable the children to have more exercise time which helps them learn better. And the Farm to school program is growing strong in Lawrence, let's keep it up!

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Eat Local Challenge promotes homegrown foods

Thanks for the update. I knew the challenge started soon but forgot when. The girls love to participate every year. I am going to work on our recipe this week so we know it is good for the potluck.

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Just Food Diaper Drive - July 2012

Just Food is the name of the organization. If you read the flier you will see what the need is and why they are trying to help their clients.

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Whats happening in the Growing Food, Growing Health Gardens?

We will be out of town for the race but would have loved to join. So glad to hear about the progress.

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Walk Kansas Week 1

Week one is always tough food-wise. I was able to get my movement in by doing a few runs in the rain.

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Walk Kansas Begins

Working to get my five a day in right now! Wish I had started with a Green Monster for breakfast as it would be easier. A large salad for lunch helps!

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BMI busters: Pediatrician, dietitian start children’s weight loss clinic

What a great idea! Nutrition can have a huge impact on children's lives. They learn how to eat when they are young and carry those ideas into adulthood. Teaching your children to cook healthy at a young age is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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