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Groundbreaking anti-smoking campaign coming to a TV near you

That would be correct since Kansas City (and Topeka) broadcast stations are part of the local cable lineup.

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Groundbreaking anti-smoking campaign coming to a TV near you

Hi, jj14, just to clarify: the ads ran in the Kansas City market earlier this year (KC broadcast stations), but have not appeared on Lawrence cable channels.

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New 5K race to promote healthy living, benefit school garden project

That is too funny!
Love it!

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Why Running for Food, Running for Health? WHY NOT?

You're so witty, Lily. The event sounds like a lot of fun. And yes, I completely agree with Marilyn!

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Lawrence's Heartland Community Health Center receives $650,000 federal grant to expand services

All of your hard work is now rewarded. Congrats, Heartland! This is fantastic for our community.

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First-time father shares his experience with postpartum mood disorder

This story sheds light on another side of postpartum depression. Thank you for sharing, Kyle and Amelia, and thank you, Carrie, for conducting the research!

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Lawrence mother says adoption, suicide were among her thoughts while battling postpartum depression

The Vancils have also shared their story to help promote the Health Department's Healthy Families program.
We are so very grateful for Sara and Brian and the other people featured in this series who are bringing awareness to a very serious issue. Thank you!!!

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Lawrence father recounts wife's eight-year battle with postpartum mood disorders, suicide

What a moving story.
To Aaron and the others interviewed, thank you. The community is behind you.
And thank you, Karrey, for putting this series together.

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Reel Love

Thanks, Erika!

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Reel Love

I am also a huge fan of reel mowers!
I had one and it lasted a couple of summers before my poor assembly skills led to it eventually falling apart.
Would you share what kind of mower you have and where you got it?

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