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Rolling Along blog: Crack kills, or at least smarts

How much less road maintenance do you think we'd need if 10% of the population rode bikes to work instead of driving a vehicle? I know it's not practical for everyone, but surely we could do 1 in 10, right? Right?

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Rolling Along blog: Crack kills, or at least smarts

It feels slicker than snot after it rains, too.

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Making $11,000 a year, but excluded from Medicaid

Yes, because jobs are so plentiful in Florida. And all of them would pay her enough to pay someone to take care of her sister during the hours she has to be at work.

Get off your moral high horse. We're all in this together, whether you like it or not.

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Dog owner advocating for fenced park in Lawrence

Exactly. Dogs that are not well-trained shouldn't be at the dog park off a leash, and having a fence won't guarantee that her dogs are only hanging out with dogs that are similar in size.

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Dog owner advocating for fenced park in Lawrence

Some people don't want you to do that because their dogs may not react well, are in the process of being trained, or are very protective of their owners. You may not mean harm, but dogs don't know the intentions of a stranger. If you stopped and reached for my dog's face, there's a good chance he'd bite you and I don't want that to happen. That's why I walk him on a leash and tend to move him away from children while we're out walking.

I'm glad you like dogs, but you should really ask the owner if it's okay to pet the dog before doing so. You'd never walk up to someone's baby and kiss them or hug them without asking the parent, would you? Please don't do it to my dog.

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Groundbreaking anti-smoking campaign coming to a TV near you

I live in Lawrence, and I've been seeing them for months on channels that are part of my cable package.

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California voters will decide if food, genetically modified, is placed on the label of a product. Could Kansas follow?

This headline needs to be rewritten. It reads as if California voters are voting to place food on the label of a product. Perhaps "California voters to decide if food should be labeled as GMO," or something that makes a little more sense.

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Rolling Along: What do you say? Part II

Stop typing. You're going faster than your common sense line will allow.

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New report recommends Kansas implement bicycle helmet law to help prevent deaths, injuries

As long as you make everybody who uses the roads take the same class, I'm all for it.

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