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Need for vaccines doesn't stop after childhood

There have been cases of whooping cough in Lawrence. Should an adult be vaccinated for that?

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Community health center, dental clinic to expand services after receiving $350K grant

Who will be eligible for the dental care?

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Double Take: Should parents send sub-par students to junior college first?

If the son does not have the grade point average to be accepted by either the 4 year or 2 year school, the whole discussion is a moot point. He has to academically qualify to be admitted into either one.

JCCC is an exceptional junior college. Not all JC's are as good. By the same token, KU is an outstanding university and a student had better know how to study.

Choosing what courses he wants to take is a good idea but don't plan on getting what he wants. His adviser could give him an entirely different class schedule that may be a lot more challenging than he expects.

In any case, I hope the decision made is the right one for him.

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Double Take: Standardized testing provides little benefit to students

The best testing is at the end of a chapter to see if the students understood what was studied. Then reteaching the parts that were not understood. Standardized testing is a waste of time. Of course, public schools receive government money so they have to conform to what the government wants.

I feel sorry for students and teachers. It is stressful for all. I know; I taught in the public schools for 38 years.

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What is Douglas County's biggest health challenge?

Where is "all of the above"?

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Kansas Half Marathon: Windy and Wild

My son ran in this race and he thought it was great.

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Douglas County providing prenatal care for more immigrants; health department says service gap remains

Here we go again.

There is a certain amount of the cost in these cases that fall back on the taxed citizens. It is sad that the immigrants are more of a concern than people who are legally here or are native to this country.

Look at the lines of people who are at Just Food and for the free dental care. Those are the people who deserve to have more help than they are getting.

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