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LMH WellCare Wellness Tip

Wednesday Wellness Tip Brought to you by LMH WellCare Now that autumn is almost here, vacations are over, and cooler temperatures will arrive soon, many ...


Parenting: You’re doing it wrong

B and one of her many (very necessary) safety devices

If you’re a parent of small children, just how many foam, plastic or rubber contraptions do you have around your home? You know, the ones ...

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9 ways to protect your child’s vision health

A rare moment when Lily kept her sunglasses on.

My 10-month-old daughter just will not keep her sunglasses on. That's not surprising — given that she's 10 months old — but all the same ...


Organic, Schmorganic

B prefers to wear her non-organic yogurt.

Corn syrup. Red dye 40. Pesticides. These are just a few of the things that I’m not supposed to be feeding my kids. Add to ...


Why Workwell Works for me

Workwell Lawrence is, if you didn't already know, a part of the Livewell Lawrence coalition, and promotes wellness policies and practices in workplaces with a ...


Fund offers grants for local environmental projects

Children working in the Hillcrest Elementary School Garden

The Douglas County Community Foundation is now accepting proposals for funding from the Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund. The application deadline is October 1. The fund ...


Are smartphones a gift or a curse for parents?

Parents, how many times has this happened to you? Your child is doing something adorable — laughing hysterically, fully in the moment — when, instead ...


Hand, Foot and Shut your Mouth

Poor B.

My kids got it. That weird disease I was sure a lady made up when she told me about it just six short years ago ...

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The perfect park for parents

Pushing Lily on the swings at Deerfield Park

What makes a great park? As new father, I'd say it's a place with enough activities to keep your kid busy that also has something ...



Reading with Lily

You hear a lot of advice as a new parent. To keep your sanity, you willfully forget most of it. It's the recommendations you hear ...


Parents: Stop Throwing Parties for Everything

Our kids have parties for everything. And we mean everything.

I’m a member of what they call the “Entitled Generation.” We got participation trophies, played games where no one kept score, and were showered with ...


GaDuGi SafeCenter is hiring!

GaDuGi SafeCenter is hiring for the Rural and Underserved Advocate position. This full-time position is pivotal in victim service delivery in Douglas, Franklin and Jefferson ...


5 Things a New Mom REALLY Wants

Brand new HJ (photo by Anna Luckey)

Going to visit a new mom soon? Put down that gift bag filled with onesies and receiving blankets. For real. The new mom you’re visiting ...

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Want your parents to love you even more? Make them grandparents

Since this week's WellCommons has a "mature living" theme, I thought I would focus this week's column on two of the more mature people I ...


Babies don’t stay babies for long

Babies grow fast. That point seems pretty apparent, but when you're around your daughter every day, like I am, it can sometimes be difficult to ...


Introducing … Daddy Rules

In honor of having recently celebrated my first Father's Day as, well, a father, I'm launching my new parenting blog. Because, of course, I'm already ...


Keep Your Eyesight and Fingers on July 4

Fireworks over LMH

It is almost time for the July 4th holiday. For many people, this means family, friends, food, fun, and fireworks. Here are some fast (and ...


Lawrence new car and truck dealers save lives

Lawrence New Car and Truck Dealers participating in the presentation of the Resusci Anne CPR units to the LMH Education Department are (L to R):  Gary Bennett, Laird Noller Automotive; Will Thompson, Briggs Auto Group; Greg Maurer, Dale Willey Automotive; Randy Habiger, Crown Toyota of Lawrence; and Dale Willey, NADA Charitable Foundation Board of Directors

LAWRENCE, KS – When do you see representation of practically every new car and truck dealer in Lawrence together in the same room? When Resusci ...


I Understand How Parents Leave Babies in Hot Cars

Last week, a father was distracted. It happens to every parent. We get consumed with one of the fifty things going on in our heads ...

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Sorry Experts, We Watch TV and Play on Tablets

Reading a book on *gasp* an iPad!

Stop it, “experts.” If I see one more study or article that discusses the “dangers” and “risks” of allowing children to watch television or play ...