5 Things a New Mom REALLY Wants

Brand new HJ (photo by Anna Luckey)

Going to visit a new mom soon? Put down that gift bag filled with onesies and receiving blankets. For real. The new mom you’re visiting ...

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Want your parents to love you even more? Make them grandparents

Since this week's WellCommons has a "mature living" theme, I thought I would focus this week's column on two of the more mature people I ...


Babies don’t stay babies for long

Babies grow fast. That point seems pretty apparent, but when you're around your daughter every day, like I am, it can sometimes be difficult to ...


Introducing … Daddy Rules

In honor of having recently celebrated my first Father's Day as, well, a father, I'm launching my new parenting blog. Because, of course, I'm already ...


Keep Your Eyesight and Fingers on July 4

Fireworks over LMH

It is almost time for the July 4th holiday. For many people, this means family, friends, food, fun, and fireworks. Here are some fast (and ...


Lawrence new car and truck dealers save lives

Lawrence New Car and Truck Dealers participating in the presentation of the Resusci Anne CPR units to the LMH Education Department are (L to R):  Gary Bennett, Laird Noller Automotive; Will Thompson, Briggs Auto Group; Greg Maurer, Dale Willey Automotive; Randy Habiger, Crown Toyota of Lawrence; and Dale Willey, NADA Charitable Foundation Board of Directors

LAWRENCE, KS – When do you see representation of practically every new car and truck dealer in Lawrence together in the same room? When Resusci ...


I Understand How Parents Leave Babies in Hot Cars

Last week, a father was distracted. It happens to every parent. We get consumed with one of the fifty things going on in our heads ...

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Sorry Experts, We Watch TV and Play on Tablets

Reading a book on *gasp* an iPad!

Stop it, “experts.” If I see one more study or article that discusses the “dangers” and “risks” of allowing children to watch television or play ...


The More You Know

Domestic Violence What can you do? Approach: Be understanding and caring the entire time and let them know that although you do not know the ...


Snoring may be sign of a serious condition

Remember the adage, “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone.” Snoring is certainly an irritation to those who have to ...


Double Take: Legal pot use still requires common sense, good judgment

Dear Dr. Wes and Kendra: You wrote last year that you favored recreational marijuana being legalized. Now that it has been in Colorado and will ...


Dental foundation awards grant to Douglas County Dental Clinic

The Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation has awarded a grant of $20,201 to Lawrence's Douglas County Dental Clinic to help improve the oral health of ...


5 Things Moms Need to Stop Saying to Other Moms

Fellow moms can be some of your greatest allies when you’re raising your kids. As I mentioned last week, they can be invaluable when S ...


My Village in a Strawberry Patch

B in her strawberry buffet

We went strawberry picking this week. Cute, right? Yes. Yes, it was. I also got a little ahead of myself. Because Kansas had such a ...


Summer romance can be fun, but with rules

Kendra: In Grease, Danny and Sandy first sang, “Summer fling, don’t mean a thing,” but even they quickly discovered how easy it is to end ...


Finding My ‘Me’ Thing

Me (before stretch marks)

It’s funny. They tell you that you’ll change when you have a kid. I was always like, “Duh. Of course you’ll change. You’re a parent. ...


Online portal connects patients with health records

In this digital world, patients want easy access to their health care providers and health information. A patient portal is a secure online website that ...


Don’t Fry Day

The Friday before Memorial Day is National Don't Fry Day

brought to you by Aynsley Anderson, LMH WellCare Friday, May 23 is known as Don’t Fry Day. Many of us will hopefully be spending time ...


5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

Friggin' baby hairs

When it comes to pregnancy, people lie. That is, until you’re pregnant yourself. Then the truth magically comes out of people. My cousin, who is ...


How to get started with a home yoga practice

OK, so you’ve been going to yoga class every Monday evening for a couple of years, and you love it. But you don’t seem to ...