Healing Through Transformation: Art show at Aimee's Coffeehouse

Stories have the power to move hearts, minds, and communities. The Willow Domestic Violence Center's Phoenix Project is both a collection of narratives and interpretive art intended to connect the community on a personal level to decrease violence and promote healing through transformation.

The show is on display now through the end of June at Aimee's Coffeehouse, 1025 Massachusetts St. The show features photography from Megan Peters, whose work has been featured in BlogHer, BlogHerTech, Kirtsy, Sweet Lemon Magazine, Altitude Design Summt, and Design for MiniKind. Find her work at www.crazybananas.com.

The Phoenix Project is debuting in partnership with the South Mass Arts Guild. All proceeds from the sale of art will directly benefit survivors of violence - the women, men, and children that turn to The Willow for help.

Many survivors have come forward to offer their personal accounts of violence and healing, and many artists have been inspired to create art from these accounts. The archive is an ongoing project — if you are interested in submitting your story or contributing a piece of art to the project, contact our team at phoenix@willowdvcenter.org

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