Here's an old argument about the sport of boxing

You just never know what you'll stumble upon when you search the internet.

Today I was looking for information on how clean public athletic clubs are when I found this editorial written by the sports editor of the Vancouver Sun suggesting to fathers that they not encourage their sons to become boxers. The article was written on March 15, 1938 — 73 years ago.

"Don't Let Your Son Be A Boxer" the headline declares.

It ends with the line, "Let him learn self defense. But keep him out of the prize ring, the cruelest, most decadent modern sport."

Time marches on, but the argument over violence in sports doesn't.

Meanwhile, anyone have thoughts on cleanliness at your local gymnasium?

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dcap 6 years, 11 months ago

My gym, the community building at 11th and Mass, is very clean.

A more relevant question considering the decline in boxing, and the rise in football and cheer-leading, would be about the safety of those sports. Not that long ago there was the high school boy near Lawrence who lost his leg playing football, and I remember another who died not that long ago. I don't know anyone who boxes, but every school now has a huge football stadium dedicated to this demonstrably dangerous sport.

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