Kids Cook Monday, Peanut Butter Pasta

For picky eaters every meal is suspect. They are not interested in your ideas about a balanced meal they just want the same food they have always enjoyed. Sometimes the easiest way to bridge the gap between what the child wants to eat and what the parents would like to see consumed is a familiar food. For my girls that comfort food is pasta. Every time they see macaroni noodles they think we are having mac 'n cheese. I used this to my advantage and had the girls help me make Peanut Butter Pasta. It is simple and yummy. While it may not be a well rounded meal it is a break from the powdered cheese from the blue box. I like to add peas to my meal but for the girls I serve them on the side.

Next time you are looking for something a little different you should get the kids in the kitchen and try this twist on a familiar food.

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