One Patient's Story That May Change Your Life

james otten

**COLEEN'S JOURNEY** "I now understand what great dentistry is all about. I felt like I've been very blessed to have good dentists all my life but I still was having troubles. I knew that I had been bothered by dental problems since my teenage years, as well as jaw problems ...

TMJ Problems Outlined in today's Journal World Article

james otten

We constantly get questions about **Disorders of the Jaws and Teeth** related to chronic bite problems. One of these very common problems is when the jaw joints or [TMJ's][1] are effected causing degenerative changes in the joints and often pain. There are basically two types of these disorder, one involving ...

Making Informed Choices in Oral Health

james otten

Is your Dentistry Restorative or Repairative? Like a lot of terms in Dentistry the word “restorative” gets tossed around a lot. Often Dentists will use it in an attempt to differentiate themselves without a clear understanding of its meaning. As a consumer, your understanding of the true meaning of what ...

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