Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market to Host a "You Name the Price" Benefit Sale!

Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market offers something for everyone!

Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market offers something for everyone! by Linda Cottin

It’s Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market time!!!! Of course Cottin’s Hardware & Rental hosts an indoor market through the winter, but there is just something to be said about an open air farmers market bustling with neighbors, farmers, musicians and, in the case of Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market , Free State Beer!

Radishes are in season once again at Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market!

Radishes are in season once again at Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market! by Linda Cottin

Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm the Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market outdoor season will officially begin. As in the past there will be a host of local producers accompanied by a hot food vendor (Mr, Bacon BBQ), Free State Brewing Company and incredible local musicians. The Thursday May 9th market will be filled with music by the fun and exciting sounds of 40 Watt Dreams -featuring Katie West of Truck Stop Honeymoon. There is no better place to relax and enjoy the slowly escalating pace of spring than at Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market.

This week’s market will host 20 local vendors, several of who are new to the farmers market scene. The long lasting cold weather and wonderfully welcomed rain has delayed the sprouting of fresh produce in the area, but the latest rash of sunny days has all but guaranteed the farmers selections will not disappoint. Spinach, Kale, lettuces, greens, radishes, mushrooms and onions are all ready for harvest as well as some asparagus and possibly a few early strawberries.

Lettuce and Greens Abound at Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market!

Lettuce and Greens Abound at Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market! by Linda Cottin

For those of you who regularly shop at Cottin’s Hardware & Rental you are all but too aware that the store has recently completed a major renovation, inside and out. The process of re-arranging and re-merchandising every inch of the store, though daunting, was well worth it. All the rearranging and expanding of core department selections has left Cottin’s with a plethora of merchandise that they simply could not fit into their new floor plan. In an effort to put the construction phase behind them and as a service to the local community, Cottin’s Hardware & Rental has decided to host a “You Name the Price” Benefit sale. During the month of May the center of the Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market will be lined with tables filled with old and new merchandise. Take anything and everything you want, name your own price and then donate that money to Central Garden! Central Garden is a student and faculty run garden project located at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School on the corner of 14th and Massachusetts Street. The money raised from the sale of Cottin’s merchandise will support the garden’s summer program. Excess proceeds will be shared with other school garden projects.

The Central program is open to all Liberty Memorial Central Middle School students – including new 2013 -14 students as well. The Central Garden program is structured to teach students the pleasures and benefits of healthy food choices through the practice and knowledge of sustainable gardening practices. Students are exposed to all facets of the growing process, from garden prep, to seed starting, weeding, harvesting and best of all – eating. Garden produce is offered to the students through the school’s cafeteria during the school year. Produce harvested throughout the summer is sold by the students at Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market, allowing students to learn important lessons in marketing, business and finance. Community members are also encouraged to participate in Central Garden activities throughout the year – no helping hand will ever be turned away! Students meet in the garden after school every Monday and Thursday through the end of the school year. Once school is out, the summer work schedule begins. Check with the students at Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market for more information on their activities and scheduled work days.

Meanwhile, come join the fun Thursday, May 9, 2013 at Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market. This week’s vendors will include:

Central Garden – No produce yet, but they will be there selling pickets and answering questions….

Avery's Produce - Seasonal vegetables including – Spinach, red Russian kale, Pac Choy, greens, radishes, turnips, onions and more

Mellowfields Urban Farm – Lettuce, greens, radishes and more – sustainably grown less than 100’ from their market space!

Stony Ridge Farm – Farm fresh eggs, jams, jellies, gluten free bake goods, sweet breads, local honey, 100% grass fed beef and more

Kroeger Country Meats - A variety of homemade pork sausages and homemade beef jerky.

Upward Spiral – Pizza crusts, breads and more

Lamborn Farm – Grass fed beef and pasture raised pork

Valley View Farm – Farm fresh eggs and free range roasting chickens

Nut Nation – Locally roasted pistachios and seasoning rubs

Mr. Bacon BBQ – Pull pork, Pig Pie, Chick Pie and more

Free State Brewing – Locally brewed hand crafted beers

Wakarusa Valley Farm – Mushrooms, salad mix and other seasonal produce

Cook's BBQ – Pork skins, canned peppers, peanut brittle and more

Pinwheel Farm – Lamb, wool products and seasonal produce

Johannes Family Farm – Organic grains, seasonal produce and more

Cole Creek Farm - Pasture raised pork, vanilla extracts, veggies and more.

The Yeast We Can Do - Fresh baked goods including scones, sweet breads, caramel corn, pies, gluten free bake goods, jams, local produce and more

Jennifer's Maude & Mary Cookies - Artisan cookies using local ingredients, sprouted grains, and offers gluten free and vegan varieties

Vinland Valley Nursery - Locally grown live plants including herbs, flowers, vegetable starts and ornamental items. Vinland Valley’s plants will be available daily at Cottin’s Hardware & Rental throughout the month of May!

Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market - Thursdays, 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Cottin's Hardware Farmers Market - Thursdays, 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm by Linda Cottin

Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market is located in the back parking lot of Cottin’s Hardware & Rental, 1832 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS. The market runs Thursdays, through October from 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm. Authorized market vendors accept SFMNP coupons and WIC vouchers. Vision cards and credit cards are also accepted. Shoppers can swipe their cards inside Cottin’s Hardware & Rental during regular business hours in exchange for wooden Market Tokens. These tokens may then be used to purchase items from any market vendor. Credit card purchases are subject to a $1 service fee and must be made in $5 increments.

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