The art of the bright side: how to deal with pregnancy weight

Getting pregnant after you've just accomplished a 35 lb weightloss is the definition of bittersweet.

Bitter, of course, because it took me five months to take those pounds off, and nearly the same to put them right. back. on.

Sweet, of course, because you get to start eating again. Sweet because you're getting a whole bundle of sweet at the end of the deal. Also, sweet because thanks in part to that weight loss, I did NOT get gestational diabetes with this pregnancy.

I have not quite gained 35 lbs in this pregnancy but close enough. Anything over four seems tragic. My sister started doing Weight Watchers in earnest about three months ago and has lost well over 20 lbs. I am thrilled for her and glad to have another Weight Watching partner in crime, but it's been almost painful to cheer her success while I watch my hard-earned success go the way of elastic waist pants and belly bands to hold up my girth.

So as I recently Iamented all of this and plotted my strategy to get a Weight Watchers meeting started at my job just as soon as humanly possible after the baby comes, I had a heartening realization. I, apparently, liked dieting. I enjoyed counting points, attending meetings, coming up with inventive ways to get a tasty dinner, and most of all, watching those pounds drop off week after week. I AM THAT GIRL. I am a sicko who LIKES to be healthy.

My husband often tells me that instead of moping over a tough situation, I have "bright side that stuff." Well, I've done it. I've bright sided a nearly thirty pound weight gain.

Friends, I hardly recognize myself. Regardless of my recent, er, weight addtion, I am a healthy eater at heart. Weight Watchers did a real number on me, and apparently I am one of those "lifestyle change" people I used to hear tell of and then scoff over my plate of pasta as if they were as mythical as a Sasquatch.

Yes, I have put on most of what I lost. Hopefully it will come off easier than it did the first time. Regardless, I'm glad to know I have the tools to do what I need to about my waistline after this baby removes herself from my premises. And, if you're interested in joining me in Weight Watchers at The Ballard Center, let me know.


Karrey Britt 5 years, 5 months ago

Congrats on your bundle of joy and kudos for changing your lifestyle! I recently found myself telling a Health Department co-worker, "Diets don't work. It's about changing your lifestyle."

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