Share a Meal and Celebrate Family Day September 27th

Celebrate Family Day on September 27th by eating a meal with your children. It doesn't matter what you serve, only the uninterrupted time you spend with your children over a meal. This celebration started as a result of research that showed that the more often children ate with their families the less likely they were to smoke, drink, or do drugs. If you are looking for some quick recipes to serve on Family Day check out the Kansas Family website at link text

The most important aspect of Family Day is gathering together and giving everyone a chance to talk.

  • Turn off the TV, radio, and cell phones.
  • Involve the whole family in setting out the meal and cleaning up.
  • Laughter is the best music at meals.
  • Share favorite family stories.
  • Make a goal to eat together at least once a week whatever time works for your family.


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